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Trust our advisors to pave the way to financial security with strategic planning, wealth preservation and a solid growth plan.
At Shone Wealth Management, we take a uniquely personal approach to investments and financial planning.

Before we talk about us, we get to know you. We learn about your short- and long-term goals. We talk about your vision for your retirement years. And we take a look at your current needs—whether that’s sorting out an executive compensation package or a wealth transfer—and develop a strategic plan to help you manage it all, comfortably.

Our model is process-driven: With your comprehensive financial plan in place, ongoing dialogue with our advisors ensures that your unique needs are best served, at every turn. Shone Wealth Management provides thoughtful counsel and manages the adjustments to your portfolio that better position you to enjoy the people, things and experiences that are important to you today, along with security and stability down the road.

We provide trusted, fee-only financial planning services and investment advice

As a fee-only firm, Shone Wealth Management does not receive compensation from third parties such as Wall Street brokerage firms, mutual funds or insurance companies. This ensures conflicts of interest are avoided while affording greater transparency for our clients.

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It is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.
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