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June 25, 2020
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Shone Asset Management Announces Name Change to Shone Wealth Management


We are excited to announce today that our company will now be operating under a new name, Shone Wealth Management, effective immediately. This new company name, as well as our firm’s new website, logo, and other rebranding efforts, better reflects our unique value and the full breadth of services we provide. 

“The word ‘asset’ defines the tool that is being utilized, but wealth means different things to different people,” said our president, Mark Shone, CFP®. “All of our clients are unique and have different passions and intents. Their assets enable them to focus on the ‘wealth’ in their life, whether it’s legacy-building, philanthropy, or entrepreneurship — and we feel our new name underscores that this is the core of what we do.”

Founded in 2005, Shone Wealth Management helps clients make the complex world of personal finance simple through comprehensive wealth management, financial planning, cost-efficient portfolio construction, and ongoing collaboration and monitoring. We work with families and couples, women of influence, and entrepreneurs and executives who value our advanced planning process and commitment to customized service and attention. This enables our clients to feel confident and worry-free about their ability to thrive financially well beyond retirement.

“Even though we’ll be moving forward with a new name and brand identity, the one thing that hasn’t changed is our client-first mentality,” said Mark. “Our ultimate goal is for our investors to feel confident in their plans and their path forward.”

You can read our full announcement here


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