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November 9, 2016
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Headlines, Markets and Guiding Principles


Thus far in 2017 there is a very large gap between the volatility of headlines and volatility in markets. The voices have been very loud on many fronts including politics, global events, and plenty of market predictions. Market predictions have been the norm for a long period of time with the largest spotlight always shown on those who have correctly predicted the current weeks market movement. When you take a deeper look, many pundits have very consistent predictions over long periods of time and eventually they are “proven” correct.  Put another way, there are many pundits who have predicted a hundred out of the last two recessions.


The markets have been quite a different story. The rise has been one of the least volatile rises in our markets history. We, in fact, haven’t had a single trading day where the market has moved over 2% in either direction. The returns have been solid with Global stock markets, measured by MSCI ACWI, returning over 10 percent YTD and global bond markets also showing low single digit returns across the globe. At some point volatility will return and that would be a natural, normal and never comfortable scenario.

Guiding Principles:

Regardless of the headlines of short term direction of the markets, our guiding principles at Shone Wealth Management remain consistent and predictable.

The guiding principles of wealth management are both an art and a science.

The science is a goals-based, comprehensive financial planning and investment planning process that utilizes sophisticated technology along with Nobel-prize winning investment research to inform financial planning and investment decisions.

The art is the way we customize financial planning and investment decisions based on each client’s individual needs and circumstances.

We believe wealth management is a dynamic process. The knowledge and expertise we bring to each client engagement enables clients to make smart financial decisions over time. We simplify the complex world of personal finance so that clients can move forward with confidence and receive outstanding results.

As always, we appreciate the trust you have placed with us.

Mark Shone, CFP®

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