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Uniquely Focused on You

At Shone Wealth Management, we do more than develop investment plans. We get to know you first. And then based on that personal relationship, we engage in ongoing dialogue, provide intuitive counsel and offer the financial guidance that helps you reach your goals.
Our Appoach


We consider your personal financial goals, timeframe and risk tolerance—and then assemble a diversified portfolio that allocates investments that are not only unique to you, but that represent your best interests. Our process-driven approach to rebalancing ensures that you – and your investments – are secure now and in the future.
Fee Only Investment and Financial Planning

We help clients make the complex world of personal finance simple

Our Planning Process


Early retirement options, estate settlements, retirement planning: While every client need is different, we employ the same proven, consultative process to get results.

Step One

Meet to discuss goals, products and service agreement

Step Two

Gather information and profile based on risk tolerance
Information checklist
Client worksheet

Step Three

Present plan and begin implementation

Step Four

Send follow-up documentation with timelines

Step Five

Regular review of plan progress/results

Comprehensive financial & wealth management

With a relaxed, uniquely personal approach.

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The first 90 days

At Shone Wealth Management, we provide comprehensive wealth management, cost-efficient portfolio construction and ongoing collaboration to help you achieve your goals. Here's what to expect in the first 90 days:

Day 1


Discovery Process Meeting

Day 15


Strategy Discussion Meeting

Day 20


Technology Client Portal

Day 20-30


Execute Strategy Paperwork

Day 30


Implement Plan

Day 30-90


Monitor Plan
At the end of your 90 days we will meet to review your plan's progress
Reach your goals | Maintain confidence | Balance risks, reward

Ongoing communication

Scheduled outreach includes regular planning reviews, check-ins, ongoing education opportunities and our informative client newsletter. You can also count on a prompt response—within 24 hours—whenever you contact us with a question or concern.

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