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July 24, 2017
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April 23, 2018

The Warriors and Your Retirement

The success of the Golden State Warriors has vaulted their club into the lead over the past few years as far as Bay Area sports coverage goes. Whether you like them or not, it’s hard to deny that they are one of the greatest (and most exciting to watch) teams to have ever been assembled on a basketball court. Besides stone cold talent, what makes them so prolific and successful? And while this is just a fun tangent into basketball as the All-Star break approaches, what could it possibly have to do with your retirement? The keyword is efficiency. The Warriors have the most efficient offense in the NBA. They score the highest average number of points per 100 possessions of any team at 113.6 . A close second is the Houston Rockets at 113.1, but then the rest of the league drops off from there. Does it help having some of the best shooters to ever grace the hardwood? Absolutely it does. What really separates them, however, is the style of offense they play. By utilizing a deadly combination of ball movement, screen setting, and making the extra pass; they seem to get an endless stream of the games most efficient type of shots: open 3-pointers and backdoor layups. Like the Warriors, being an efficient investor can have a tremendous effect on ones portfolio. By implementing strategies of a globally diverse portfolio, low expenses, and a long term mindset, we can position ourselves for the high percentage shot. Is this just a shameless comparison of investing to one of the most exciting shows in sports? Maybe. But then again, who doesn’t love a great sports analogy? Over the long-term this strategy also has the tendency of reducing volatility (and perhaps blood pressure) by smoothing out returns. While we may not all be able to throw down a rim-rattling jam like Kevin Durant or shoot from a different zip code like Steph Curry, we can all take a play out of their playbook and be efficient investors that have a basis in Nobel Prize winning research. For the basketball heads out there, check out the deadliest play in the Warriors arsenal… They call it “Cyclone” based on where Coach Kerr acquired it (he took it from Iowa State). Check it out in the link to it below.


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