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July 24, 2017
Long-Term Care and Medicare Services Available to You as a Benefit of Being Our Client
July 24, 2017

Trending Technology

Social Security(SS)Analyzer enables clients to optimize Social Security claiming strategies.

Primarily, it assists clients in making informed decisions about what age to claim Social Security benefits to maximize lifetime benefits. It also allows clients to understand how to best coordinate individual benefits with spousal benefits, computes break-even analysis for delayed claiming strategies, and can adjust for varying life expectancies of one or both spouses.


There are many ways we can minimize the effects of risk. We as advisors have powerful software packages to help us. One of the tools we utilize is called Riskalyze. Given an investor’s risk tolerance based on a carefully crafted set of questions, Riskalyze then matches that risk tolerance to an optimal portfolio and calculates a range of expected returns based on historical risk and return data. It can even show us scenarios of how that portfolio would perform in different situations such as bull and bear markets. Where this particular tool truly shines, is the way it’s able to take a vastly complex subject, such as risk, and produce a more digestible format that enhances the advisor-client relationship by closing the gap in understanding to make the conversation surrounding portfolio risk that much more effective. As the old saying goes, the best day to plant an oak tree was years ago, but the second best day is today. The same is true of investing. If you haven’t thought about the idea of risk in a while (or maybe you haven’t ever), then now is as good a time as ever to start or continue that conversation.

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